What goes wrong with my writing

Blogging has become quite a habit to me, and with that has writing. There are several kinds of writing though. The writing that has become a habit – the blogging kind – is totally different from the kind of writing I would love to do. It is different from what I pursue here, and that is where things keep going wrong.

I love to write stories as well, fiction, and I want to write fiction more. Writing fiction and poems is something I do on and off, I have loved to do so since I was a child. Somehow it still is not a habit though, and it has to become so to be successful, that is something I know. Adding posts to my every day blogs is something I could manage, so will this be. I hope you will be patient with me, until I am able to update with more stories.

Something I will start right now, is planning an hour every day in which I should write. No research, no blogging, no crochet/knit/other things, just write. Wish me luck, please.


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