Cup of Tea

With a sigh Martina puts down the yarn and hook she was working with. She just does not understand, and would never understand, how women could work all day long without wishing for other things – she just longs for a book, a walk in the sunshine, or a cup of tea at least. While she walks to the kitchen to put up the kettle, she realizes that she could sit outside. She bought a little table and a couple of chairs for in the yard last year. Martina puts her tea and work on a tray and walks out. The sun is simply lovely, and for the first time in the year it is strong enough to be really warm when she sits down. It still is a pity she has to finish this, and cannot go to that nice spot in the forest with that new book she started reading yesterday, although she knows it could have been worse. Her shop with hand made goods starts to set off, and she could have been in that dull building all day, calling people to take interviews. Being outside is much better already, certainly now she is able to create things. When she has finished another row of stitches, she fetches her drawing book. She has some ideas for the postcards she wants to make, and she wants to put something on paper about the ideas she has anyway. It feels like there is too much she wants to do, too much for only one person.