What goes wrong with my writing

Blogging has become quite a habit to me, and with that has writing. There are several kinds of writing though. The writing that has become a habit – the blogging kind – is totally different from the kind of writing I would love to do. It is different from what I pursue here, and that is where things keep going wrong.

I love to write stories as well, fiction, and I want to write fiction more. Writing fiction and poems is something I do on and off, I have loved to do so since I was a child. Somehow it still is not a habit though, and it has to become so to be successful, that is something I know. Adding posts to my every day blogs is something I could manage, so will this be. I hope you will be patient with me, until I am able to update with more stories.

Something I will start right now, is planning an hour every day in which I should write. No research, no blogging, no crochet/knit/other things, just write. Wish me luck, please.


Writing more

I am busy writing a new story in English – writing in English is a little harder to me than writing in Dutch though.

Nou ja, dat dus. Ik ben gelijk aan het proberen hoe het lukt om in het Engels te schrijven, maar dat is nog best lastig, zelfs voor iemand die soms praktisch al Engels denkt. Het komt vanzelf, en zo niet, dan ga ik gewoon weer over op Nederlands. Als er trouwens verhalen zijn waarvan je denkt dat ze het uitbreiden waard zijn, dan hoor ik het graag.

Welcome, Says She

while she opens the door. Welcome you are, for a nice day, full of tea or coffee, whichever you like. She likes both, and will do everything to make you enjoy them while you are here. Oh, do not forget the cookies, and the chocolat, and all other nice things. You both take out your knitting work – or drawing, or whatever else you would like to do – and she starts telling her stories. I hope you will enjoy them.